Friday, April 28, 2017

Yandere Simulator Remake Remake



Special thanks to D-Rock

These are really big fucking images.

It is taking longer and longer to make images, but at least the quality is improving. But, something that takes forever to come out is eventually good; something that comes out bad stays bad forever.
I butchered that quote from Shigeru Miyamoto.
I did alot of things to this image, but I also didn't do something I have done (in some capacity) to every other image I've edited. I didn't trace a single piece of anything. Usually I trace the hair and then just kinda form it to make it look good. But that wasn't an option with this image because there is no Yandere Simulator anime. (I'd be lying if I said I didn't try using the 3D model) 
This is my first image I've tried alot on new techniques on, using moonlight, pressure forming lines, and motion marks to name a few. I started this image as a side project and it VERY quickly got out of hand. If you notice the location she is in the background, you'll see that she is in her room in the game and facing her "Senpai Shine" I thought that was a nice touch. You may also notice that the floor is from her older version of the room instead of the current one. (The old floor just looks better) The panties on the floor are soiled on the frond instead of bottom because she has a cock. The color of the body pillow style image is the game's colors. The shadow of the dong what rather hard to place because shadows in a 3D space in a 2D image are a bitch. (I tried to make it look like light was coming from the window in the room and the overhead light which is why the wall gets darker as it goes farther to the left) The body pillow one also has different style motion marks around the balls, I thought they looked better than the other versions, but my friend didn't seem to think so. Other suggestions I've had or thought about myself are a version without blush, a version without clothes on the ground and bed, a version with a thinner dildo, a version with more soiled panties, and a version with the blank space at the top cropped off. Yandere Simulator needs more porn, and I'm glad to help.

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