Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tsukune's Chirtmas Present (Edit)

I saw this on my favorite artist's blog about a week ago and felt compelled to edit out the small details that I didn't like. I tried to get it done before Christmas, but fuck that. The major things edited were the lines and the eyes, although I did change Mizore's nose and the tint of Kurumu's skin. Besides cleaning up after the line changes and finding which one of the 71 layers I was suppose to be editing on, it wasn't much of a problem. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Kurumu x Mizore: Update 1

Requested by: PhantasmalGap 

It took me 2 days to find an image with a pose I really liked. I spent the next couple days fucking around. and 5 days ago I decided to kick into work mode and started doing the line work. And the past 2 days were spent making the faces. Because it didn't really look like Mizore at first and Kurumu's face could scare the paint off the walls. But after alot of squinting at my monitor and at the criticism of my team of legendary hentai loving neckbeardian warriors, I have completed the basic linework.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dryder Vore

I started this image before my last job but i worked alot of hours and was unable to work on it that much, but since I'm currently unemployed I have enough free time. The original dryder was based off of the dryder from the H-Game Milia Wars. (I added my own spin off to it though) The background looked shitty no matter what I did to it, so I made it look shitty on purpose.