Monday, February 25, 2013

Cute Nami

Saw this mostly un-clothed image and decided to undress it a little. After little effort I stopped working on it and it has remained as is except for the occasional touch up. It's not complete by any means but I've lost all willingness to complete it, so I'll just upload it anyway. The Character is Nami from One Piece.

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About to Rape Mizore.

There was this really small deviant art image I saw a while ago. It was just a thumbnail and nothing more. Since then I've seen the full size, but at the time the thumbnail was what I had. So really liking the concept of the image I wanted to make a full scale and better quality one. As a favor for me my friend TornWingsOfAngels did the lines for this image, as well as some rudimentary colors. 
Once he finished I added the final touches to the image by shading it and changing the colors to a more normal looking color. I really like the way he did the skirt on this image but he claims to have put very little effort into it... (take a fuck'n compliment god dammit) Now that I re-examine the image... that belt should be black not brown...

Pale Anko

Another fairly early on edit. I didn't like the mix of colors so I just changed them up a bit. Paler skin and darker hair.  Character is Anko from Naruto.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tentacle Kurumu

I was browsing the internet and came across this image with a censor on it. Couldn't find the original so I just edited the censors off. Simple as that.

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Topless Vinyl Scratch

I'm not a fan of my little pony despite 2 of my best friends liking the show. But I saw this Vinyl Scratch image and it was just way too tan. So I toned it down to a more realistic skin color. Not a huge edit but it made a big difference.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Perfect World Boobs

I don't know where to start with this image.  I use to play Perfect World back when it was a half was popular MMORPG. And everytime I started it up I would see the original of this image, and I would think, "DAMN! She has a NICE pair of tits! It's a shame she is wearing all those dreadful clothes." So one day I started on this image having no idea how hard it would become to finish. Having little to no skills to speak of at the time of starting this... years later it still is not done. But it was an important stepping stone for learning the tools of the trade for SAI Paintool. I will not under an condition continue work on this image. It's already caused too much frustration that I don't want to talk about.

Mizore Gangbang

This is the remake of my edit. Recently I took it upon myself to fix the mistakes of my younger self. This version is much clearer and less... messy. I removed the skirt from the original (because it was REALLY in the way) and changed the colors on her shirt to the way they should be. (the original had them backwards) I also edited the dick on the right out of her face because it was covering alot of it. (hope he likes the new circumcision) I also edited a man's hand off her left breast and had to reshape it. I will admit I was kinda half ass-ing this one. You can tell the head and body are very differently made.

Tentacle Rape Mizore

In a sense this image isn't done. Well at least not in my eyes. This was my first Mizore POV image attempt. I've already put more than 40 some hours into this image and I eventually hit my breaking point. There were so many lines and edges and problems with the image. Not to mention my style of editing at the time wasn't the best. But a few good things did come out of it. I learned from it, and this image forced me to create a template for Mizore's face that I still use to this day. (The original face for this image was just too awful looking to use) I still have a backup that I made before started editing off the sweat. I plan on one day going back to and correcting my mistakes as well as the original creator's.

Lewdevil 3

Ok this is probably my favorite doujin so I decided to remake the English edit because the original was a piece of SHIT. So a my friend tornwingsofangels remade the dialog while I cleaned up up the images and such. the credits are in the download if you even care. (I'm listed as white shadow)

P.S. The thing about my images only being at is obviously no longer the case because there is no option to see the things which user has uploaded. Unless you find the image by random luck you'd never know what user uploaded it.

Hatsune Miku

This image was already a good image when I found it. But for some reason the skin on it was horribly done. So what I did to this image was just make the skin smooth. No idea who made the original but I don't know what they were thinking. No logo or watermark was added to this image because I felt that I didn't do most of the work to make this image what it is. The character is the Vocaloid Miku Hatsune

Just making sure I don't miss anything

This image was my avatar for a long time. Not really a big deal.
I was edited from some CG set I found. It was meh.

This image is already shown at actual size.

Winrey from Full Metal Alchemist

I really keep forgetting to upload all my previous works so I can get down to what I'm doing now. But, whatever. This image was already colored correct but I edited the lines to make them nice and straight. 
Once again you'll notice that there is no watermark on this one because I didn't feel that I edited it enough to go around calming I did most of the work on this image. All I really did was make it look nice(r).
This again is one of my earlier works. (I'm trying to upload them chronologically)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mizore without her bra

This was a really simple edit. All I did was remove the bra. After the project before it I felt like I bit off more than I could chew. So I took a step down and tried to do something simpler. The turnout wasn't bad bad though looking back I could have tried harder and cleaned it a little first. Will remake if requested.

Oldest drawing.

This Is my oldest edit that I still have. You'll notice that it's signed WhiteShadow, to clear things up that was my handle before TwoDerrick. The ones before this were so horrible that I deleted them. It's still no Picasso, but I was inexperienced. It was originally a line drawing that I just decided to color. I could probably remake this alot better upon request. But until then it'll remain as is. 

Friday, February 15, 2013


Firstly shout out to @Maguswaffy for relentlessly persuading me to create this blog which I will more than likely seldom use. What I intend this blog to be about is my image edits. From everything to anything I edit. Whether it's an entire sex change edit or something as minor as a dynamic resolution increase. I'll start by adding things I've made before this blog then I continue with things I made after this blog. But before I post any images I want to make it clear that I cannot draw. What I do is edit images.