Friday, October 16, 2015

Sweater Futa

I saw this image after reading a doujin.
(I don't know the source it's been like a year)
I really liked it, but it could use improvement.
I'm not done with this one yet. Expect an update sooner or later.


Current (Not Final)

Hasty Edit: Bikini Removal

I was only doing a quick edit of this a while ago.
It's nothing special.
It's not done, but I don't plan to work on it anymore.
So I'm posting it.

Arcade Miss Fortune Futa

Only changed the breast size, before this they were really really really big.
I also smoothed out some things. 

Franken Fran

A friend of mine gave me an image and told me to turn it into Franken Fran.
This is the Result.
I forgot the stitches on the neck.
Point some things out in the comments if you see something else thats wrong.

De-Censor for /h/

I was in a de-sensor thread on 4chan and OP didn't want to do this one because it was too much work. I thought "oh I could do that one real fast no prob" but then there were prob. It ended up taking me like 3 hours cause I looked for references from the original artist to make it look natural. 
(the fingernails still look off in my opinion)

High Res Eye

Well going along with testing out the transparency feature I also created this.
It's just a high resolution version of Mizore's eye.
I created it so I could just scale it down to paste over if I'm editing an image to turn it into her.
It would have been more useful if I had left out the glare in the eye, so that way I could mirror it.
But I don't have the SAI file anymore.

Rare Pepe

This was my attempt at creating a higher resolution Pepe.
This was originally a quick test to try out the full liscense version of Sai Paint Tool.
You will notice this version has transparency.

Mizore Blowjob: Toms2435 Edit

Well let me hit you with a story.
Once upon a time someone donated 1 dollar to me through this blog.
The only dollar I ever got, but I never actually expected to get anything.
I did it cause it was something suggested to me when I was making the blog.
I sent the guy/girl an e-mail explaining that I was grateful and I'd share with them an image I had never shown anyone else.
 Here is that image.
I'm only posting it now cause I've never gotten a response and believe that they have not gotten the e-mail at all. 

This image is only half of the original image Toms2435 made because I was too lazy to finish the other side. Even though Toms2435 was gracious enough to give me a PSD file. Sorry 'bout that.
It's been a long time since I've worked on this, I don't remember all the changes.
Find the original and compare it if you care to.

Vivian James

I edited this a while ago but I wasn't posting it because it was futa/dickgirl/trap.
I guess I'll fill in the changed details.
I changed the cum spray, thinned the dick, and just kinda smoothed some edges.
You get the gist.