Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Moving to tumblr

Moving to https://twoderrick.tumblr.com/

Posting this here to let people know the new location for my rare posts.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Yandere Simulator Remake Remake



Special thanks to D-Rock

These are really big fucking images.

It is taking longer and longer to make images, but at least the quality is improving. But, something that takes forever to come out is eventually good; something that comes out bad stays bad forever.
I butchered that quote from Shigeru Miyamoto.
I did alot of things to this image, but I also didn't do something I have done (in some capacity) to every other image I've edited. I didn't trace a single piece of anything. Usually I trace the hair and then just kinda form it to make it look good. But that wasn't an option with this image because there is no Yandere Simulator anime. (I'd be lying if I said I didn't try using the 3D model) 
This is my first image I've tried alot on new techniques on, using moonlight, pressure forming lines, and motion marks to name a few. I started this image as a side project and it VERY quickly got out of hand. If you notice the location she is in the background, you'll see that she is in her room in the game and facing her "Senpai Shine" I thought that was a nice touch. You may also notice that the floor is from her older version of the room instead of the current one. (The old floor just looks better) The panties on the floor are soiled on the frond instead of bottom because she has a cock. The color of the body pillow style image is the game's colors. The shadow of the dong what rather hard to place because shadows in a 3D space in a 2D image are a bitch. (I tried to make it look like light was coming from the window in the room and the overhead light which is why the wall gets darker as it goes farther to the left) The body pillow one also has different style motion marks around the balls, I thought they looked better than the other versions, but my friend didn't seem to think so. Other suggestions I've had or thought about myself are a version without blush, a version without clothes on the ground and bed, a version with a thinner dildo, a version with more soiled panties, and a version with the blank space at the top cropped off. Yandere Simulator needs more porn, and I'm glad to help.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Colorize of Young Patrick Stewart

I know this isn't the usual thing I edit but I'll post it cause why not.



Sunday, August 14, 2016

Futa Arachne

I realized there were no good futa images of Arachne, so I made this edit.
I was holding onto this image for about a month, so that way I could look at it again with fresh eyes, but then I forgot everything that still needed to be done to it. 

Original Image: Here

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mizore Spitroast: All Versions Available

 MasouEsperOnward came to me with this request and I hereby deem it completed. I've been working on this for about 4 months. Partly because I wanted to make sure everything looked good, and partly because I'm a lazy asshole. Working on this image really helped my hone my skills with image editing. I learned several techniques of getting good that I previously did not know.
I've made many different versions of this image so hopefully everyone can find a version they like. The file names of each image explain everything in the image with the format of:

(Amount of Cum) (Eye Pupil Shape) (Dick Size) w (Blur Type) & (Panties and/or Stockings) & (Balls).PNG


Clean Basic

Most Hearts Hung with Full Blush & Stockings & Balls

The reason I flipped the image horizontally was so that the reference image I used for Mizore's hair would line up better. You might also notice that the edited versions are a few pixels taller, that is because I realized if I made a futanari or dickgirl version then there wouldn't be enough room. But, there also would not be enough room for the stockings to even be visible. I tried to make extensive use of 2 tone shading on the lines and the hair. I think it turned out pretty fucking good. 

All the version are available here:


If either of the links stops working, leave a comment and I'll fix it.
If you have a suggestion as to a nice place online I can upload all of these, please inform me.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Sweater Futa

I saw this image after reading a doujin.
(I don't know the source it's been like a year)
I really liked it, but it could use improvement.
I'm not done with this one yet. Expect an update sooner or later.


Current (Not Final)

Hasty Edit: Bikini Removal

I was only doing a quick edit of this a while ago.
It's nothing special.
It's not done, but I don't plan to work on it anymore.
So I'm posting it.

Arcade Miss Fortune Futa

Only changed the breast size, before this they were really really really big.
I also smoothed out some things. 

Franken Fran

A friend of mine gave me an image and told me to turn it into Franken Fran.
This is the Result.
I forgot the stitches on the neck.
Point some things out in the comments if you see something else thats wrong.

De-Censor for /h/

I was in a de-sensor thread on 4chan and OP didn't want to do this one because it was too much work. I thought "oh I could do that one real fast no prob" but then there were prob. It ended up taking me like 3 hours cause I looked for references from the original artist to make it look natural. 
(the fingernails still look off in my opinion)

High Res Eye

Well going along with testing out the transparency feature I also created this.
It's just a high resolution version of Mizore's eye.
I created it so I could just scale it down to paste over if I'm editing an image to turn it into her.
It would have been more useful if I had left out the glare in the eye, so that way I could mirror it.
But I don't have the SAI file anymore.

Rare Pepe

This was my attempt at creating a higher resolution Pepe.
This was originally a quick test to try out the full liscense version of Sai Paint Tool.
You will notice this version has transparency.

Mizore Blowjob: Toms2435 Edit

Well let me hit you with a story.
Once upon a time someone donated 1 dollar to me through this blog.
The only dollar I ever got, but I never actually expected to get anything.
I did it cause it was something suggested to me when I was making the blog.
I sent the guy/girl an e-mail explaining that I was grateful and I'd share with them an image I had never shown anyone else.
 Here is that image.
I'm only posting it now cause I've never gotten a response and believe that they have not gotten the e-mail at all. 

This image is only half of the original image Toms2435 made because I was too lazy to finish the other side. Even though Toms2435 was gracious enough to give me a PSD file. Sorry 'bout that.
It's been a long time since I've worked on this, I don't remember all the changes.
Find the original and compare it if you care to.

Vivian James

I edited this a while ago but I wasn't posting it because it was futa/dickgirl/trap.
I guess I'll fill in the changed details.
I changed the cum spray, thinned the dick, and just kinda smoothed some edges.
You get the gist.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Oldest Image Revisited: Complete

Well here it is. Took forever, but here it is.
I'll correct things and update them as I come across them.
I feel like this serves sort of as a reference as to how I've progressed since I've started.
The progression in quality is obvious. 
But, I don't feel like a better artist: only a more knowledgeable one. 
Next image ETA unknown.

November 28, 2014 - Note:
I finally viewed this image for the first time using a real computer monitor.
I now understand some of the criticism I've been getting.
(I used an HDMI connected LCD TV to make the image)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oldest Image Revisited: Update 2

Okay, linework is done. All that is left is the rest of the basic colors and the shading.
I reduced the tit size a little to make them more realistic. 
I still haven't added the chain to the necklace. I make note of it here in hopes that I will not forget.
This is my first real image with my new computer/monitor and I know the color is off. So if any of the colors seem off on your end just say so and I'll correct it when I can. 
I'm not sure where I stand on the sleeves. It seems like the arm on the right wouldn't even have visible sleeves. 
The arm on the left seems to be lacking a finger on the hand but I'm not sure if it's covered enough that it wouldn't be showing.
Don't know the ETA on this image. It may be done soon, it may not be.

Bondage Miku Edit & Cleanup

The original was okay, I felt inactive. I made it better.



Friday, May 23, 2014

Gardevoir Cleaned

I was just passively cleaning this when I was bored, but after a little encouragement from my fellow funnyjunkers I decided to polish it and upload it here so I can have a new image for the first time in a while. 
Below is the before and after of what I changed.



Monday, April 7, 2014

Mizore Wallpaper

I've done it boys and girls, I've completed the image I never thought I'd get around to. 
The full-assed background image I was taking my time on. 
Then I found out about the deviantart premium membership day. 
So I kicked it into... MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!! 
If you crop the image right, you can make the bottom edge of the image line up with the taskbar when setting it as your background. Thus making it appear that she is peering over it.
Unfortunately, this might also be that last image I put out for quite some time. I've got a new job and the hours are almost 60 per week. Not to mention the next image in my queue isn't even close to done. 
I have two versions of this image one black and one white. Pick your favorite

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hiding Mizore: Update 2

I wanted a new profile picture for my funnyjunk account, but I figured it would be better to just try and work on it, and maybe complete it. While it is still far away from completion it is much father along than it was in the first update. I came up with the idea that if I size the image right, I make the bottom edge of the image line up with the taskbar when setting it as my background. Thus making it appear that she is peering over it. Then the thought came to mind that I haven't made a background image of Mizore yet. So I scaled that motherfucker WAY up. I corrected many of the scaling imperfections, but there are still some. I'll correct them as I go. I don't know how long till I'll finish this, but I'll move it to the top of my queue if people want me to.

And how it looks as a background.

(yes thats my desktop)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Gwen the Great Pole Dancer

A request from Dim432.
 Gwen was alot easier to make than I anticipated. This I probably the biggest and most detailed image I've ever completed entirely in one sitting. 
(I have a really short attention span)
 I'll try to get any images left in my queue done ASAP because I'm going to be returning to work soon. I can change the background easily upon request, I just used an image from the internet to fill it in. Just ask.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Railgun POV: Complete

I was going to live steam the making of this image... but fuck it.
I'm fairly tired at the time of finishing it. If anything looks wrong, just tell me and I'll correct it. 
The skin from the original image was almost too low resolution to use, I had to touch it up and blur it almost everywhere. The image does feel like it's missing something though.
I would have gotten rid of those ugly sandals if my friend hadn't insisted on me keeping them.
I'll make a version where she is having intercourse (using this image) if enough people want it.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Railgun POV: Update 2

 I'm lazy. I haven't done anything for a while. 
I'll try to get this image done in the next week.
Here is whats done so far of the Railgun image.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Mizore x Kurumu: Complete

After much procrastination I've completed this image. I don't have too much to say about it. The image speaks for itself mostly anyway. I was thinking of doing some streaming of my editing. Like I would be editing anyway and you guys could just throw in your two cents while I'm doing it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I make alot of Mizore images. And almost all of them have a lollipop in them. So I figured instead of wasting time making it over and over again, I could just make one really good one and save it to it's own separate file that I could import into any image needing a lollipop. Then just change the hue of the candy to change its flavor.

I've also made the SAI and the PSD files available for download to hopefully help others make more Mizore art. 


SAI file: lollipop.sai

PSD file: lollipop.psd

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Logo

I've neglected to ever post about the logo, arguably one of the most important images I've ever edited.
It started when my friend Jacob and I (Jacob and Derrick J&D) made "The Crowd Favorite". It was the best image we had created up to that point, and we were afraid that someone was going to go around posting it on the internet without giving us any credit at all. So I suggested a logo we could put on all our images. He wasn't expecting much and was surprised when I showed him the first version... So we used it until I realized later on down the road that even if our logo is on the image people aren't going to be able to know where the image came from, much less who made it. So I made the second version. All was well. The third version came along when I decided the logo could use a bit cleaner look, the blog address could be added to the image separately. (I only used this on one image so far because big logos can be a little obnoxious) The fourth version I have yet to use. The "J" is changed into a "T" in order to symbolize "TwoDerrick" instead of "Jacob and Derrick". The reason for the change is because almost none of the images put on this site are made by both of us anymore (most are made solely by me), and the change would be fitting, although I will still use the J&D logo on images we both worked on. The fifth version was meant to look more artistic and less obnoxious, The idea was to use it more like a watermark than a logo but the idea was throw out because it would worsen the overall quality of the image if the watermark overlapped any part of the hentai. And while I would like credit, it's more important to me that the image look good. The last one? Well... The rest looked so colorless. And seeing as I used Sai Paintool it seemed fitting that I use the color wheel in the logo. I don't think I'll use it, but if thats the logo others wan to see thats the one I'll use.

Leave a comment and tell me which you like the best.

Oldest Image Revisited: Update 1

When I originally took on this image I thought it would be a quick job. But, after checking my folder I couldn't find the SAI file. So I basically had to start from scratch. I started on this the day after an anon requested it in a comment to the image. Then things just kept coming up, it kept getting pushed back. 
I know it's not much, but I thought I should at least post what I have done so far, considering it's been so long since it was requested. I owe at least that much.

(This is the oldest request in my queue so it should get done first, but considering that it's the farthest from being done I figured it would be better to have 2 more complete images soon rather than 3 incomplete images in the same amount of time)

Kurumu x Mizore: Update 2

This image is taking way fucking longer than I thought. 
After Christmas I just got majorly sidetracked. I didn't even want to go through the trouble of working on an image. It just seemed like all work and no reward. It didn't help that I bought GTA 5 too. After about two weeks into January I was like "fuck, I need to get this shit done" and I started occasionally working on images for like 15 minutes at a time. Averaging about 1 square centimeter of image completed a day. I reached the tipping point and started to actually start working when I ran into I problem working on the image. The eyes were fucked. And it didn't look too bad in the outline so I couldn't tell. But, once I added in the pupils, it was more than obvious. I spent hours trying to figure out the problem, tweak after tweak didn't do anything. So, I remade both eyes, reset their place, moved the nose, tiled the eyes, moved them again, re-sized one eye, and shaded them. And... well fuck it. I eventually just set it where it kinda looked okay and went to sleep. 

Railgun POV: Update 1

Over the weekend me and my friend decided that we were going to make an image together. 
After he gave me a bitching about how all my images are of Mizore we finally agreed on a character to make an image of:  
Misaka Mikoto A.K.A. Railgun from "A Certain Magical Index" and "A Certain Scientific Railgun"
I found a base image for us to work from and we divided the work; I get the head and he gets the body.
It didn't turn out too bad. I like it at least. It took probably about 4-5 hours between us. (including all the fucking around) The image shouldn't take too long to color.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tsukune's Chirtmas Present (Edit)

I saw this on my favorite artist's blog about a week ago and felt compelled to edit out the small details that I didn't like. I tried to get it done before Christmas, but fuck that. The major things edited were the lines and the eyes, although I did change Mizore's nose and the tint of Kurumu's skin. Besides cleaning up after the line changes and finding which one of the 71 layers I was suppose to be editing on, it wasn't much of a problem. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Kurumu x Mizore: Update 1

Requested by: PhantasmalGap 

It took me 2 days to find an image with a pose I really liked. I spent the next couple days fucking around. and 5 days ago I decided to kick into work mode and started doing the line work. And the past 2 days were spent making the faces. Because it didn't really look like Mizore at first and Kurumu's face could scare the paint off the walls. But after alot of squinting at my monitor and at the criticism of my team of legendary hentai loving neckbeardian warriors, I have completed the basic linework.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dryder Vore

I started this image before my last job but i worked alot of hours and was unable to work on it that much, but since I'm currently unemployed I have enough free time. The original dryder was based off of the dryder from the H-Game Milia Wars. (I added my own spin off to it though) The background looked shitty no matter what I did to it, so I made it look shitty on purpose.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Nurse Mizore

I'm about to get laid off from my seasonal job, so until I find a new job I'll have time to work on more images. For now here is this image. I plan on making it alot bigger. I left the necklace out because the image was small, the bigger version will have it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Snow Woman Threesome: Update 1

I'm doing a collab image with toms2435 and after he did the original lines for it I went over it again in SAI Paintool with vector lines and made some changes before coloring it. This is the outcome so far.

Check out his deviantart and blog