Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Neko Mizore Shirayuki

I don't really think anyone cares what I type here.... But I wanted to do a neko image as soon as the thought crossed my mind. This in in my top 2 favorite images right now too. I really like this one. It took so long to do this one because I was really fucking dragging ass the entire time. I did want to make sure it looked really nice. Anyway, the most troubling thing was the feet. no matter what i did they looked wrong.... for like a week. But it looks fine... mostly... now... I was unsure about whiskers. I can make a version without in an instant if anyone wants it, (It's made now) just leave a comment to this post. I've started a list of images of Mizore I want to do. It's just a list of images I've never seen of her, and images that revolve around a theme. I feel like I'd get more of them done if I could get the feedback I needed while doing them. Speaking of which, sorry for not putting any update to this image, the time I had was used working on the image, and not updating instead.


No whiskers


  1. If you are still doing edit requests I have one: please make it so this pic doesn't have her pulling her neck.


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