Friday, October 10, 2014

Oldest Image Revisited: Complete

Well here it is. Took forever, but here it is.
I'll correct things and update them as I come across them.
I feel like this serves sort of as a reference as to how I've progressed since I've started.
The progression in quality is obvious. 
But, I don't feel like a better artist: only a more knowledgeable one. 
Next image ETA unknown.

November 28, 2014 - Note:
I finally viewed this image for the first time using a real computer monitor.
I now understand some of the criticism I've been getting.
(I used an HDMI connected LCD TV to make the image)


  1. Dude, some of your best work yet right here. Love the pose she's in, her legs look nice and well proportioned, and the look on her face is making me hard. Even the detail in the picture next to Mizore is amazing and clever. I'm sure the internet will love it, and so do I.

  2. God damn. It was a long wait, but was so worth it.
    Mizore is sexy as hell, I love the look she has on her face

  3. You are doing gods work

  4. can you please do more... ur work is amazing

    1. I can post some images right now if I wanted to, but they're all futa/trap/dickgirl things and I was trying to keep the site **mostly** vanilla.

    2. Any updates would be appreciated, even if its outside the norm for this blog. We just want to see what new work you have to offer!

  5. Any chance on some updates? Not nearly enough RV out there :/


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