Friday, March 25, 2016

Mizore Spitroast: All Versions Available

 MasouEsperOnward came to me with this request and I hereby deem it completed. I've been working on this for about 4 months. Partly because I wanted to make sure everything looked good, and partly because I'm a lazy asshole. Working on this image really helped my hone my skills with image editing. I learned several techniques of getting good that I previously did not know.
I've made many different versions of this image so hopefully everyone can find a version they like. The file names of each image explain everything in the image with the format of:

(Amount of Cum) (Eye Pupil Shape) (Dick Size) w (Blur Type) & (Panties and/or Stockings) & (Balls).PNG


Clean Basic

Most Hearts Hung with Full Blush & Stockings & Balls

The reason I flipped the image horizontally was so that the reference image I used for Mizore's hair would line up better. You might also notice that the edited versions are a few pixels taller, that is because I realized if I made a futanari or dickgirl version then there wouldn't be enough room. But, there also would not be enough room for the stockings to even be visible. I tried to make extensive use of 2 tone shading on the lines and the hair. I think it turned out pretty fucking good. 

All the version are available here:


If either of the links stops working, leave a comment and I'll fix it.
If you have a suggestion as to a nice place online I can upload all of these, please inform me.

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