Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hiding Mizore: Update 2

I wanted a new profile picture for my funnyjunk account, but I figured it would be better to just try and work on it, and maybe complete it. While it is still far away from completion it is much father along than it was in the first update. I came up with the idea that if I size the image right, I make the bottom edge of the image line up with the taskbar when setting it as my background. Thus making it appear that she is peering over it. Then the thought came to mind that I haven't made a background image of Mizore yet. So I scaled that motherfucker WAY up. I corrected many of the scaling imperfections, but there are still some. I'll correct them as I go. I don't know how long till I'll finish this, but I'll move it to the top of my queue if people want me to.

And how it looks as a background.

(yes thats my desktop)

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