Monday, April 7, 2014

Mizore Wallpaper

I've done it boys and girls, I've completed the image I never thought I'd get around to. 
The full-assed background image I was taking my time on. 
Then I found out about the deviantart premium membership day. 
So I kicked it into... MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!! 
If you crop the image right, you can make the bottom edge of the image line up with the taskbar when setting it as your background. Thus making it appear that she is peering over it.
Unfortunately, this might also be that last image I put out for quite some time. I've got a new job and the hours are almost 60 per week. Not to mention the next image in my queue isn't even close to done. 
I have two versions of this image one black and one white. Pick your favorite

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