Monday, March 18, 2013

Hiding Mizore: Update 1 + Donation Information

You'll see alot less updates on this image because it's not really one of the rotational images so much as a side project that I can work on when i'm in a public place... So that aside I'll use this post to say some things. The donation area hasn't been tested other than for if it works. It does, but thats not what I care about. I never checked to see if there was a way to send a message with the donation for your request. So if you pay by paypal I'll at least have your email to ask what you want done. (Or you can send me the email but it's not my e-mail address that your request will be sent to.) Also if you aren't requesting you can still choose which image you want your donation money put towards. Any extra hours left after an image is done will be put on hold till you decide what image you want them put toward. As for what to request, it's MUCH better if you already have the image and just tell me what you want done to it. If you can't decide on an image just give me a selection of up to five images to choose from. I'm really good at doing Mizore images because I have alot of experience with her, but this does not limit me to her, I am more than willing to do other characters. I do alot of different types of editing too, so don't forget to think about what else you could get done. Depending what you want done it might not even cost a full 5. But I'll decide that. Don't be afraid to be too specific either, because if I ever get confused I can just ask you for more info. I think that covers most of it. By the way, if you have any suggestions for the site, just leave a comment and I'll see it. Tips or suggestions on images would be helpful too.

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