Monday, March 18, 2013

Mizore Anal: Update 1

This is actually the first time I've been 100% up to date... well more like 99%... but thats a story for another time. Now with the blog at almost entirely up to date I'll start sharing it. (I'm still having second thoughts) This is another of the images I rotate work on to keep things fresh. But, the way to pick which one you want completed first is by whichever post gets the most positive reaction on this blog. Also, not certainly related to this image but to the blog, I have realized my decision to make every post entire visible from the home page has absolutely decimated my pageviews. I don't think I'll go back on it though because I know it's bullshit that people make blogs that you need to click alot to see everything there. Another problem I realized is that I've forgotten to add tags to every image on the blog. It's a problem that must be dealt with but I need more tags than my brain can generate. Because I suck at adding tags.

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