Monday, March 11, 2013

The Crowd Favorite

I hate to have to link the image's full size, but it's much better than having someone saving it at a lower resolution. This image had it's linework done by tornwingsofangels. You see, he had the idea of creating an image of mizore from scratch, which surprised me because the idea hadn't even crossed my mind. And I immediately was like "FUCK YES." So I picked out 5 images that we could use as reference before making this picture and I told him to pick one. That one he picked we used as a basis for this image. And 2 of the other images we picked turned out to also become pictures of Mizore. But I did have to wait a while for the linework to be done but it was well worth it. I actually hit a wall after a while and didn't know what else to do besides the background so I posted the mostly finished image on funnyjunk's hentai board to get some people to point out the things I might have missed. I didn't expect to get such great advice from that but I ended up getting a small list of things I could do to improve the image. A great big special thanks to everyone on the hentai board and tornwingsofangels. 
(who would expect people who like hentai to be such experts on it...)

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