Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Logo

I've neglected to ever post about the logo, arguably one of the most important images I've ever edited.
It started when my friend Jacob and I (Jacob and Derrick J&D) made "The Crowd Favorite". It was the best image we had created up to that point, and we were afraid that someone was going to go around posting it on the internet without giving us any credit at all. So I suggested a logo we could put on all our images. He wasn't expecting much and was surprised when I showed him the first version... So we used it until I realized later on down the road that even if our logo is on the image people aren't going to be able to know where the image came from, much less who made it. So I made the second version. All was well. The third version came along when I decided the logo could use a bit cleaner look, the blog address could be added to the image separately. (I only used this on one image so far because big logos can be a little obnoxious) The fourth version I have yet to use. The "J" is changed into a "T" in order to symbolize "TwoDerrick" instead of "Jacob and Derrick". The reason for the change is because almost none of the images put on this site are made by both of us anymore (most are made solely by me), and the change would be fitting, although I will still use the J&D logo on images we both worked on. The fifth version was meant to look more artistic and less obnoxious, The idea was to use it more like a watermark than a logo but the idea was throw out because it would worsen the overall quality of the image if the watermark overlapped any part of the hentai. And while I would like credit, it's more important to me that the image look good. The last one? Well... The rest looked so colorless. And seeing as I used Sai Paintool it seemed fitting that I use the color wheel in the logo. I don't think I'll use it, but if thats the logo others wan to see thats the one I'll use.

Leave a comment and tell me which you like the best.

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  1. If you made the color chamber only red , that would be amazing. Other than that I prefer the first one


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